Mary Poppins…ah, great memories of Radio City Music Hall, the Easter Show…but I digress.

Remember the scene in which the Chimney Sweep carries Mary and her charges off to a fantasy world located inside his sidewalk drawings?  I strongly believe that this is what Ahmadinejad is trying to do to the World.  Taking cold, yet colorful, fact and magically conjuring a perfect vision in which the United States sends CIA operatives to kill innocent people just to make him look bad.  Yeah, because we have the time and the budget to do that.

I am hoping beyond hope that Barack is rethinking his campaign promise of sitting down and talking with every useless nutjob in the world.  Not everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Not everyone is worthy of a face-to-face meeting with a representative of the United States.  Especially not a little man like Ahmadinejad.

Mousavi now works for us, huh.  Really?  Mahmoud, honey, you need to stop spending so much time with the dancing penguins and more time cleaning the filth out of the dark corners of your little mind.  You are not so important that we have the time to waste ruining your reputation.  Now, if you keep playing with toys that go BOOM, your reputation will be the least of your worries.

Um dida liddle liddle, um didalie…

7 thoughts on “Ahmadine-fragilistic-expi-alidocious…

  1. Oh come on…we all know that ‘nice’ words at 10 paces is better than actually defending ourselves…which is out of the question for Obama and company. I mean, what would the international community think about us?

  2. Good one Godless American! Perhaps a “love fest” is more accurate with the current administration…

  3. I’d rather have a love fest than a western. Who wants to wake up at dawn for a show-down anyway.

  4. I concede Godless, that in the battle of witts I’m unarmed against you. I hope you and your family have a good week.

  5. And you as well. Stop watching so many westerns, start watching more romance movies. I mean, I’ll take a little Rooster Cogburn any time, but…

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