Did I do that?

A few days ago I wrote a blog about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  It wasn’t the nicest blog I’ve ever written, but I wasn’t really mean…was I?

In it I wrote “I supported her, even thought she was funny…the first time.  Then it got old.  Real fast.  Now I just want her to muster up some degree of dignity and go buh-bye.”  Do you think she heard me? Or the many other Americans who feel the same way?  Hmmm…a politician who listens.  What a novel personality trait.

Before you all tell me to check myself in to the nearest mental hospital, I don’t believe she has actually listened to anyone but her own inner political clock (kinda like the biological clock for those who seek greater office).  Although, it is possible that she is truly just tired of the BS and Vanity Fair sent her over the edge.  Nah…  The Lipstick Gov either has political aspirations greater than Governor of Alaska, or there is something more to this story that has yet to be unearthed.

One thing I can thank her for, though, is that her resignation has been the only story lately to take a front seat to Michael Jackson’s untimely death.  Thank you, Sarah.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2 thoughts on “Did I do that?

  1. Maybe she really is fed up with Sara Palin bashing by our liberal media, OR, maybe she has been offered a nice fat pay check working for a multi-national corporation!
    Either way I wish her good luck in her new endeavors.

    • I, too, wish her the best. However, I hope she will not throw her hat in the ring for 2012. If she takes the time to do her homework, brush up on many of the things people criticized her for being deficient in, running for the Senate would be the best move she could make.

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