A Rose by Any Other Name…

“A couple of gun-toting redneck racists promoted violence in New York City last evening…”  Not really, but that is what Jeannine Garafolo and other closed-minded people would have loved to be able to report.  I’m sure she will find a way to scew things in her favor.  Like, maybe someone sprained their ankle stepping off a curb incorrectly – well it has to be that he/she was pushed!!!  Or, paper cuts happened because protesters were holding up signs from non-recycled posterboard.  Heathens!

From the news clips that I saw, it was a peaceful protest.  Is it just too much for the Uber-Liberal Garafalo to admit that, maybe…just maybe, people from other ideological mindsets are really not booger-eating morons?!?!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist)  Oh, wait, I get it…If the Anti-Tax protesters had climbed trees and pee’d in diapers for 30 days then that would be okay.  It’s the whole “assembling without violence or Depends” thing that she can’t get her head around.

No matter what she (and others like her) wish to call it, those people who gathered in NYC last night had every right to be there.  A peaceful protest by any other name…

6 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Name…

    • I am just so sad that I had to suffer through her really lousy acting to watch my favorite show, “24”. The things a girl will do to get her Jack Bauer fix…

  1. Absolutely they has every right. They’re still morons though. What, did these people just suddenly wake up in the last six months and get upset about taxes?

  2. Watching 24 makes me cringe like when I watch cops. I think shows like 24 and books like the Left Behind series are a large influence on the way many Americans view the world. More people should watch The Colbert Report.

    • 24 is a fantasy show. Takes me away from reality for a little while, plus I can check out Keifer Sutherland’s butt. Never read Left Behind. The Colbert Report is okay. As I have said many times, if you don’t pay attention to ALL points of view, you cannot possibly make informed decisions or have intelligent conversations. As for “Cops”…when you’ve seen one crackhead, you’ve seen ’em all.

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