Small Change? Not so much…

No, Barack, lightbulbs are not sexy.  I’m glad we got that straightened out…I was worried.  However, the lightbulbs you are shoving down our throats are potentially dangerous to the environment.

In case you have been living in a cave illuminated solely by torches, you have more than likely had occasion to purchase what I call “Ice Cream Bulbs” (this because of their resemblance to a Carvel Vanilla Custard Cone).  (crap…now I’m hungry)  ANYWAY, if you are as anal retentive as I am, you are a package reader.  I purchased a package of this new Saviour of the Free World and felt pretty good about myself.  Until I read the warning “LAMP CONTAINS MERCURY.  Manage in Accord with Disposal Laws.  See: or call 1-800-555-0050”

This didn’t sound good.  Isn’t mercury the reason why they tried to eradicate the tuna industry?  Isn’t that the stuff that made fishing in certain lakes and rivers EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!?!?  Uhm, pardon me, but how is a compact fluorescent light bulb that contains mercury supposed to help the environment?

I went to the website and chose the page that listed the regulations for the state in which I live.  After all, I want to dispose of this properly.  First they warn you that mercury is a poison.  Really?  Seriously.  Then they go on to tell you that it really isn’t a poison so much if it is used by single family residences, ranger stations, campgrounds, hotels, etc.  Confused?  However, if you are a school, business, blah, blah, blah, you have to go through a complicated mathematical equation to determine the mercury ratio that you are potentially placing into the environment.

Okay, so if one business with 300 employees (who each have one ice cream bulb in their cubicle) throws out those 300 compact bulbs once every 5 years it is throwing more mercury into the earth than an entire subdivision of 100 homes with at least one compact fluorescent bulb in every freakin’ room? VERY CONFUSED?!?! I know I am.

My feeling is that incandescent bulbs were just fine.  They didn’t give me a headache, they work in a walk-in cooler, and can be used as maraccas when they go bad.  All the compact fluorescents do is poison the environment and make me crave Carvel.

2 thoughts on “Small Change? Not so much…

  1. I like my replace every 5 to 7 year bulbs. I’m on a rural electric service, my voltage runs from 117 to 130 volts depending on time of day / week demand. I was replacing incandescent bulbs at an alarming rate.

    Besides my next bulb replacement I’m going to try the ‘new’ Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb.

    Oh, all that mercury has always been on earth somewhere. We did not import it from Mars, or did we. Grinning ear to ear..

    • Yeah, that’s it, the Martians did it! Area 51 is really just a compact fluorescent bulb factory cleverly disguised as a government installment in Roswell, NM. I knew there had to be an explanation for all of the “weird lights” flying over the Southwestern U.S. 😉

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