Picky, picky, picky…

Correct me if I’m wrong (oh, silly me.  I know you will!), but didn’t we just go through a whole “Minutemen are evil, rotten vigilantes with too much time on their hands and too much hate in their hearts” thingy?  I mean, the poor illegal immigrants just wanted a place to live and a steady income to support their families back in Mexico, right?  Besides, we Americans were just too fat and lazy to do the jobs they are willing to do.  Heck, we felt SO bad that we even let them have a couple of GM plants to help their economy.  Besides, the border violence is our own damned fault because our gun laws are too liberal.

Well…how come the government is now asking for volunteers from the National Guard to patrol the border between Mexico and the U.S.?  Hello?  Is there anyone in Washington, DC who can explain this?  Why – if the borders aren’t as bad as we thought and, well, the illegals are just fun loving family guys – do we need a volunteer Border Patrol?  And an unarmed one at that?  What good are they gonna do?  I can see it now… “Hey, dude.  I wouldn’t climb that fence if I were you.  Yo, hey DUDE!!!  You know, that’s just not right, man.  I’m tellin’ ”

Come ON, people.  This borders (no pun intended) on the ridiculous!  I can see soooo many Saturday Night Live routines coming from this one.

By the way, congrats to the Senate Democrats on achieving their filibuster-proof majority.  But, dude, Al Franken? Seriously?

2 thoughts on “Picky, picky, picky…

  1. Mexico has lost an island! Blames America for it’s disappearance!

    Mexican arrest 93 corrupt police officials, blame America for drug cartels

    Mexican drug gangs kill Mexican police, blame America for availability of guns

    ‘Illegal aliens’ deported, Mexico blames Americas anti-immigration policies

    Hello!!!! I think those Mexicans are smoking to much of their own dope!

    • The “South Park” movie contained a song called “Blame Canada”…I guess now it’s “Blame America”. And this is such a popular thing to do that even the President has latched on to the new fad!

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