I’m with Stupid

Remember that popular T-shirt from the 80’s?

I propose that we institute “National I’m with Stupid Day” for all of the constituents of the Congressmen and women who voted for the “Climate Control Bill”.   Heck, we could include the constituents of the Congressmen and women (and Senators) who voted for the Stimulus Bill, residents of California and family members of Governor Sanford.  Oh, hell, let’s just all wear them.  Seems to me that no matter what the Citizens think we are going to be ignored.

During Bush the 2nd, Liberals voiced their opinions to no avail.  Slowly, the political tides turned and Conservatives were relegated to the nose-bleed section.  Being neither, I have suffered severe neck strain trying to keep up with the Wimbledon-style antics going on in the Capitol for 2 or so decades.

Does it bother anyone else that so many important decisions have been made without our vote!?!?  Isn’t it our money, our future, our lives the government is screwing with?  Regardless of your political bent, it has to bother you just a little.

Maybe Congress is already wearing these shirts during closed door sessions…and the finger is pointing at us.

5 thoughts on “I’m with Stupid

  1. Sad but the fact id the same gang your referring to truly think ‘We the people’ are to stupid to think or care for our selfs. That is and has been their reasoning for their actions for at least the past 12 presidents starting with democrats poster boy Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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