Will the Aliens who took Fox News Channel PLEASE return them to their bodies?!?!

Michael Jackson died.  Okay.  Whatever.  So did Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon.  Okay.  That was sad.

I think that pretty much covers the Entertainment portion of our news broadcast.

So, can someone please explain to me why I am watching Neil Cavuto, one of the most prolific business news analysts, waste his time and mine talking about the death of a walking freak show bent on self-destruction?

Uhm, what about this new “Climate Change Bill” that will not raise our taxes? Or…hmmm…North Korea?  I guess a “firestorm of nuclear fire raining down” upon the United States is, what, inconsequential?

If the people in Iran were able to watch American TV, they would probably rethink their desire to become more Westernized.  So far only one person has even mentioned that 4th of July Tea Party protests are being quashed by the W.A.L.L.s (whiney-assed leftist liberals) using legal technicalities.  That person would be Glenn Beck.  Thank you, Mr. Beck.  We have a Census Bureau gone wild, money that is worth about what I just flushed down my toilet and foreign governments basically laughing in our faces and Michael Jackson is all you can come up with?  Seriously?

14 thoughts on “Will the Aliens who took Fox News Channel PLEASE return them to their bodies?!?!

  1. “Census Bureau gone wild”? “Thank you Glenn Beck”

    Wow, you do have your head way up your a**.

    What’s even funnier is you think the 4th of July Tea Parties are more important than, well, anything. They’re more of a joke then Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, and Michael Jackson combined.

    How many people are they expecting to come out for those parties? 5, 10, … maybe even 20 people. HAHAHAHA.

    • I have a “visual” going on in my head of someone wearing an Obama T-Shirt flailing his arms, stamping his feet…face is beet red. Quite humorous, actually. And, I’m sure you believe that there really are such things as “Sea Kittens”.

  2. Sister I think you may have misunderstood–Blogging is good for Social networking not SOCIALIST networking (the bunch you attract tsk tsk).

  3. Your visual couldn’t be further from reality. I’ve got videos though on my blog if you’d like to see more.

    When will conservatives pick up a dictionary to look up words so they can use them correctly?

    Your “curse” started when you started a blog. Comes with the territory; or you might call it the Socialist blogging agenda since everything conservatives disagree with must be socialist.

    • I have absolutely no idea WHAT conservatives do or do not disagree with, nor do I know if they read a dictionary on occasion. I am not a conservative and do not claim that I am. The use of the word curse was used in a sarcastic manner in response to a comment from a fellow blogger whose writing I enjoy. So, dear heart, take a sip of wine, sit down and relax.

  4. Dear Sstorm0730,

    I think you are doing GREAT work here with your blog. In fact, I have added a link to your blog on my my own.

    One thing you will quickly realize is that blogging can be exasperating when individuals like “Godless American” completely misunderstand what you are trying to say because of their own political and philosophical biases.

    The fact that one of the greatest power-grabs in U.S. history was just passed by the House under the fraudulent guise of “man-made global warming” gets almost ZERO coverage in the main-stream-media while the deaths of some seriously disturbed celebrities generates non-stop coverage is a very important point. I am glad you made it and I wished more people would understand the implications of it.

    People, please break your conditioning. Free your mind of the false “Left-vs-Right” paradigm!

    Bush was evil and rotten and so is Obama! They are puppets! Study who really runs things! This is not about “Left vs. Right” or “Liberal vs Conservative.”

    The people are suckered into arguing about political minutia, or become hypnotized by the mindless blather of TV and the culture of celebrity, but they do not see that the agenda laid out by those in charge continues forward….regardless of what party is in power or who sits in the white house.

    Start researching the truth of what I am saying.

    I didn’t believe at first that President Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott Bush, was involved in Nazi money-laundering. Then I did the research and found it was very true. Here is a link to a free online book by noted historian Webster Tarpley which documents in accurate detail what a complete bunch of criminals the Bush family was (and is):


    Now, some of you might think that Webster Tarpley must be a “Liberal” to write such a scathing book about the Bushes.

    You would be wrong. Tarpley is a researcher and a historian. He is giving you the TRUTH. I don’ think Tarpley is the “end-all-be-all” of research (I have corroborated what he has written using other sources) but I bring him up as a good place to start.

    “Godless American” – you would probably enjoy reading all about how evil and corrupt the Bushes are. You might have high praise for Tarpley’s work.

    Do you also have the intellectual fortitude to read Tarpley’s latest books?

    They are:
    Obama – The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate.

    Barack H. Obama: the Unauthorized Biography.

    In these books Tarpley details that Obama is a complete puppet of Wall Street. The corrupt and powerful investment bank Goldman Sachs was one of Obama’s biggest campaign contributors.

    Obama appointed the weaselly criminal Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Geithner was head of the New York Federal Reserve the entire time the sub-prime loan, mortgage crisis and derivatives bubble was building! That is like appointing a known pedophile as a youth camp-counselor. And yes, our money is being molested!

    My point of this rant is to illustrate that we need to let our political biases go, and really look at the facts. Follow the money. That is always a good place to start.

    And by the way, the “Federal Reserve” is not Federal and there are no Reserves. It is a privately owned corporation set up BY and FOR the Banks. Read G. Edward Griffins book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” if you want the details.

    You may also want to check out my blog, as I have detailed articles there that will give the curious reader much more detail on the many aspects of who is really running things and how they operate.

    My blog can be found here:

    Sstorm0730 – Keep up the Great Work!!


    • look up an off-shore oil company named “Zapata Oil”. My spelling might be incorrect. The officers of the corporation in the 1980’s might surprise you…or not.

      Thank you for reading my blog. You keep up the good work, as well.


  5. Yes, yes, I’ve heard of the Nazi involvement and Obama’s ties to wall street. There is a difference between the Left and the Right. That difference is between social policy, foreign policy, and taxation. Obama does not represent the Left, he’s moderate. There hasn’t been a President that represented the Left for over 40 years, at least.

    The only way we’ll be able to keep presidential nominees honest is to end campaign contributions. End them completely. At this point, it’s considered freedom of speech to donate. If we ended all campaign contributions, gifts, events, everything then maybe we’d actually get someone in office that is there solely for the American people. Until then, we can either go for the best option or start a revolution which would only churn up a whole other slew of problems and we may end up with something far worse.

    Is Obama perfect, not even close. Is he as corrupt as the Bush family? Not even close. The Bush family has been around in politics for a lot longer while Obama only has himself. That’s one reason I voted for him; his family hasn’t been involved in politics so he’s had less time to saturate himself in corruption.

    • Complete eradication of campaign contributions is a wonderful idea. (you see, I can agree with you sometimes 😉 ) However, there would always be under-the-table, in-the-dark-of-night bribes, etc. I won’t get into the Bush v Obama discussion. My reasons for not liking one or the other are not necessarily the same as the “popular” complaints. I just don’t like the government in general of late. Any of them…all of them. This is the nation of my birth, I love my country and I wouldn’t leave for any reason. I only wish the people we chose to take care of things for us in DC didn’t turn into something only slightly recognizable as a human once they parked their asses in a chair at the Capitol.

  6. Yeah, we’ve kind of screwed ourselves. Even if a person is elected this does want to do good things, they have to do a lot of crappy things to get money so they can get reelected. Our best hope is during their second term when they aren’t beholden to contributions; everyone else still is though.

    • this is turning into a three-way with you, me and foundingfather. Anyway, isn’t it funny how the three of us are kind of taking different paths to the same barn? And don’t either of you get your feathers ruffled. No offense to either intended…

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