Sunday Blahs…

I am feeling very apathetic today.  And resigned to the fact that no matter what the polls show, or how much a large portion of the American Citizens object, things are only going to get worse.

People like me can express our frustrations until we are blue in the face, but it isn’t going to stop the “Socialist Express” from coming to a town near you.  I always believed that every American has a right to vocalize their concerns, dreams, wishes, discontent, etc. as long as they are not inciting riots or advocating violence against another person.  These days, if you are not “in-sync” with the left-thinking mainstream media, you are shot down, ridiculed and your opinions are dismissed as the words of a sore loser.

First of all, I am not a loser.  I am a fighter.  I am not a mindless sheep following other people’s beliefs to the slaughterhouse.  I will not accept that our country has been so wrong for over 200 years and I will not abide the rewriting or omission of historical facts when it suits the needs of a political party or media outlet.  I am tired of people comparing  others to this great President or that.  Be your own person.  Show us your strengths and weaknesses.  If you are so lacking in personality, summoning dead Presidents isn’t going to help you.

You know, I almost voted for Bill Clinton during the Clinton/Bush election.  Why didn’t I?  Because he could/would not give a straight answer to one of the simplest questions posed to him.  “Have you ever tried marijuana?”  Sorry, Bill, but telling people that you tried it, but didn’t inhale, blew it for me.  I saw 4 years of evasive answers flash before my eyes and I said “No!”.

Honesty, accepting your faults, being human are very important traits to me.

But, it isn’t 2012 yet, so I guess we are stuck with what we have.  I just hope too much damage won’t have been done by then.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blahs…

  1. Sister if that be Apathy I’d hate to see it when you get irritated by something…in the mean time keep the faith…the worm will turn.

    • been a few days…our internet was down. I guess a heavily tattooed biker girl’s idea of Apathy is just a scoche more intense than others 🙂 thanx for the comment, Brother dear!

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