That Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of D-Day.  The few remaining WWII Veterans who participated in the battles at Normandy will gather to honor those who gave their lives to defeat the Nazi’s.  Well, all except two…Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

This is disgraceful.  Regardless of what people may think of British Royalty, these two individuals served their country in a time of war and deserve to be honored.  The British have been our allies through thick and thin.  There have been times when they disagreed with us, but they are one of the few who have stuck by us when many others turned their backs (like, uhm, the French).

Is Barack so enamoured with France’s Socialist Elitism that he is willing to attend a ceremony that excludes the Royals?  I think the United States of America should boycott the ceremony unless the Queen and her husband receive an apology, and a formal invite.

Prince Charles should stay home.  Period.

Question – How can Barack bow to the king of a country that supplied most of the 9/11 terrorists, yet attend a ceremony that “flips the bird” at a country who stood by our side during one of the worst wars in our nation’s history?

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