A Soldier, and a Friend

I had a discussion with my friend, Mike, yesterday.  He served in the Army during the end of the Cold War.  He was stationed at the Berlin Wall.

Mike is, well, different.  He is a peaceful person, keeps to himself, works hard…he is our Ranch “McGyver”.  We know that Spring is finally really here when Mike arrives at the ranch clean-shaven, hair cut short.

Our conversation centered around the current “Apology Tour”, and eventually turned to Ronald Reagan.   “I don’t get this Obama, man.  I remember sitting at the Wall…There were a handful of us and the Russians had enough tanks to line them up side-by-side for the entire length of the Wall.  I sat in the dark knowing that I was gonna die.  But, I was gonna take a hundred of them out before they got me.  Then, President Reagan gave that speech and said ‘Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!!!’ and all of a sudden shit changed.  Man, it was like we had power.  Just from FOUR WORDS.  You know, Reagan didn’t have to do much but show the world that we were a country to be taken serious.  He didn’t apologize for nothin’.  I was proud to serve under him.  Obama needs to shut up.”

Mike is right.  He was there during one of the most intense periods of the Cold War.  Obama should study Reagan.  He was a master at demanding respect for the American people, yet he rarely acted militarily.  He didn’t have to.

Projecting confidence in, love and respect for America is NOT a bad trait in a President.   Disrespecting us to anyone who will listen is.

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