Kiss My Tattooed Butt!!!

You know, just when you think we can’t be raked over the coals anymore, Obama does it again!

  • Apology Tour, Part Two begins today.  Actually, it began with his interview with the BBC reporter in which he validated Iran’s need for nuclear power.  Excuse me?
  • There was an invitation-only meeting of a “bi-partisan nature” on the proposed Health Care Reform Bill.  No Republicans were invited.  Hmmm…
  • Obama vows to run his administration with total transparency, yet they still refuse to tell the American people how much his trip to NYC with Michelle cost us.  “Old” news, I know.  I’m still angry about it.
  • I truly believe that the only reason Obama tapped McHugh for the position of Army Secretary (not sure if that is the “official” title, but I really don’t care) is that he knows he can put one more Democrat in Congress.

Our President needs to stop emulating Sally Field around the globe (remember “You like me.  You really like me!“)  and pay attention to the nation he is sworn to protect and defend.  You know it’s getting bad when there are more illegal aliens leaving the country than there are clamoring to get in…

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