Ronald Reagan, Why Did You Leave Us?

I think I am going to be sick.  Seriously.  How dare anyone invite Iranian Government representatives to our Embassies for the 4th of July.

The Iranian Government has done nothing but disrespect our Country for decades.  Many of you may be too young to remember the Hostage Crisis that occurred in Tehran, but I remember it as though it were yesterday.

Lunchtime in New York City.  I worked on Whitehall Street just south of  the World Trade Center.  My then-fiancee and I noticed a large public gathering and heard people talking loudly, saw some people crying…we walked over to find out what was going on.  We were told that several Americans had been taken hostage in Tehran and that the Ayatollah Khomeni had promised to execute them.

During the next 444 days, Jimmy Carter attempted to “negotiate” for their release, he made one failed attempt to rescue the hostages which resulted in the deaths of many of our finest service men.  Ronald Reagan simply and eloquently stated that he planned on systematically destroying their entire country city-by-city until all of the Americans were returned home safely.  Even Ross Perot stepped up to the plate and, as a private citizen, organized a group of former elite military men to conduct a rescue mission in Tehran.  I still respect him for that.

Ronnie won the election and as he was being sworn in we watched the hostages fly home.   There was a ticker-tape parade and “Celebrate” was the song to dance to.

You see, Barack, we don’t need to invite these bastards to a barbecue.  They haven’t changed and they never will.  Playing nice will get you nowhere with unreasonable maniacs.  You take so much pride in the fact that people have compared you to Ronald Reagan…why don’t you act like him.

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