Pssst…Hey, Honey…Wanna Hummer?

Do you feel rich this morning?  Did you reach into the pocket of your second-hand jeans and pull out a wad of cash?  Funny, neither did I…

We should, considering that we are now the proud majority owners of the largest manufacturing entity in the world! Or are we? Who is really benefitting from the “purchase” of Government Motors?  Hold on…I know this one…just a sec…Uhm, is it the Obama Administration and the GM Executives?!?!?  Give the lady a CEE-GAR!!!

Obama benefits by getting one step closer to “Socializing” America and the GM Execs get to skate out of a pretty dicey situation none the worse for wear.  Betcha Obama is a tad pissy this morning cuz he didn’t score a triple play…Ford has chosen to stand on its own two feet.  However, Ford better have eyes built into the back of their F150’s because the competition will be coming at them with an advertising budget (and a spokesperson) the likes of which they have never seen.  Oh, wait…the competition will be driving hybrid 4-bangers.  Maybe Ford has nothing to worry about after all…

I have a few questions for the “brain trust” who engineered this debacle:

  1. If the American taxpayers are the majority owners of GM, why are we not privy to the details of the potential sales of Hummer, SAAB and Saturn?  What is this “undisclosed buyer” crap?
  2. My husband is a tow truck driver, not a tow compact hybrid vehicle driver.  Chevy is probably the Number One manufacturer of medium-duty trucks in the world.  Are you going to kill that, too?
  3. Barack, remember that little promise you made during the campaign about saving or creating 500,000 American jobs during your administration?  Huh?  I do.
  4. You’re not going to screw with NASCAR, are you?

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