Don’tcha Hate That?

Remember the old “Saturday Night Live” routine where two guys (mailroom clerks, I believe) would talk about doing stupid, injurious things like staple their hands to a desk, etc.  Then they would pose the question “Don’tcha hate that?”

Well, this morning I was watching the news (as usual) and saw the story about Barak and Michelle’s date night in New York City.  They “jetted” to the Big Apple and ate at some ridiculously expensive restaurant, then took in a Broadway show.  Nice.

I’m sure their appetites were not in the least bit affected by thoughts of the six-point-some-odd million Americans who are out of work, the approximately one trillion dollar budget deficit, global warming, GM’s impending bankruptcy or the record number of home foreclosures across the United States.  Betcha we won’t even get a doggie bag from the meal we purchased.  I’m sure that silly little things like proposed cuts in military spending when we now face the possibility of a 3rd front line in Korea didn’t dampen their enjoyment of the show they chose to see.

So, I wrapped my long hair around my hand and began to pound my head into a brick wall.  You know, cut my head, got a headache.  Then I realized that I have no Advil!  Don’tcha hate that?  I hate that.  Then I laughed, quietly at first, then louder and louder…I hate that.  Don’tcha hate that?  Oh, man, then I realized that there are probably a million other Americans doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING this morning.  I really hate that.  Don’tcha hate that?  Yeah, yeah…I hate that.

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