Half Tempted…

I don’t normally take the advice of actors, unless it was coming from Ronald Reagan.  However, there was a compelling statement made on Glenn Beck yesterday by Craig T. Nelson (aka “Coach”).

He said that he is seriously considering refusing to pay income tax any longer.  Wow…

The gist of the conversation had to do with the newly-proposed value added tax (VAT) possibly being leveed on already overtaxed American citizens in addition to Federal Income Taxes.   This is so wrong on so many levels.

Not for nothin’, but we have had not ONE opportunity to vote on any of the new spending  bills that have pushed us to the point where VAT is even a possibility.  Mr. Nelson further stated (and this is by no means a direct quote – just my interpretation of his actual words) that he could understand the need for further taxation if it was being used to improve our education system, fund our service men and women (both actively serving and those who are now permanently disabled because of injuries they sustained while serving), etc….  However (and these are MY thoughts), I feel it will be used to fund a government-run healthcare system that many Americans DO NOT WANT!!!

I’m sure this will be put through without a vote by the common citizen, as will the healthcare reform bill.  My Goddess, does this bother anyone else?!?!  Are we all just supposed to sit there and let Congress arbitrarily pass this garbage with no voice at all?  And before any of the W.A.L.L.s (Whiny-Ass Leftist Liberals) start accusing me of Obama-bashing, I am quite aware that some of this began when W was in office.  I am bitching in a non-partisan voice today.

So, I sit here thinking hmmm…if I refused to pay income tax, how bad could it be?  Can I afford to take that risk?  After all, I am no Tim Geitner.  Do I have the guts to make a statement to the government that could put me in federal prison?  I’m not sure.  I AM thinking about it, though.

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