‘Splain, Lucy…

Can someone please give me an honest answer to one very simple question?  Do the people who run for President REALLY  pick their Vice Presidents?  I mean, come on.  Obama/Biden, Bush the First/Quayle…seriously.

You can’t tell me that Barak Obama himself had truly made the decision to run with Joe Biden over Hillary Clinton.  There has to be more to the story.

I won’t EVEN get into the W/Cheney match-up…daddy obviously had a hand in that one.  And, we all know JFK did not want Lyndon Johnson.  So, WHY?

Of course, my over-active imagination takes over and this is the scenario I envision…

Cue music from “The Godfather”  Pan across room filled with political heavyweights, smoking cigars and drinking scotch on the rocks. (I will make this generic so none of my Liberal “friends” take offense.)

“Mr. Future President, we would like Senator So-and-So to be your running mate.”

“But, he is NUTS.  He can’t spell, he should have retired years ago and he’s from TEXAS for God’s sake!!!!  I won’t sign on to this.  NO WAY!”

“Mr. Future President, either your signature…or your brains…will be on this paper before we are done.”

Fade out as Future President picks up pen and begins to sign over his political future…

I can see no other way.  I mean, if the people we have elected to the highest office in the land actually made these choices on their own…be afraid – be VERY afraid.

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