Deja Vu All Over Again…

Be careful what you wish for.  I’m sure someone has told you that at least once in your life.  I’m thinkin’ no one ever said it to Kim Jong Il.

Silly, silly man.  He is no longer “running with scissors” as I stated in an earlier post…he’s running with the whole damned set of Ginsu Knives!!!

There are two problems the U.S. will now face (oh, I know, aside from the trillion or so other ones on our plate?).  Can Obama handle the very difficult diplomatic times we will surely be facing…and do we as a nation have the testicular fortitude to reinstate the draft?   Many commentators on the cable news channels seem to think the question is whether or not the United States military (in its current form) can handle 3 wars at once.  No, not with the enlistment we have at present.  Handling the wars themselves is not the most difficult part of this.  Consider how many “mini-wars” we fought in WWI and WWII.  We are not pussies, that’s not the problem.

During WWII we had the draft, same for Korea and Viet Nam.  Please don’t write me “hate comments”.  I don’t advocate it.  I don’t like it.  And I have many family members and children of friends who I want to see home, safe and going on with their lives…not on the front lines in some hell hole.

So, back to the 2 original questions – Can Obama handle the very difficult diplomatic times we will surely be facing…and do we as a nation have the balls to reinstate the draft?  My answers…no and no.

2 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again…

  1. I think you seriously underestimate Obama’s diplomatic talent. Surely you don’t think the diplomatic path we were on was working. And, the American people will do what is necessary. They have always had “balls” and if need be, they will have “balls” again. You can keep your friends and family home with you, safe and secure, and others will step up to defend this country. Probably children of immigrants. Don’t get your little conservative ass in an uproar over nothing, oh wait, that’s what conservatives do…

    • First of all, just to set the record straight, my nephew is in the Marine Corps., my niece served in Kuwait in the Army and drove a refueling truck. My father and grandfathers all served during wartime in defense of this country.

      Secondly, I do come from a family of immigrants. The sailed to the “new world” on the Ship Sandwich from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in 1750. My family has proudly served in our military since the Revolutionary War and in every war since then.

      Third, I am not a conservative. Read my blog…all of it. I am pro choice, pro same sex marriage, etc. That alone disqualifies me for the Conservative party.

      However, I have doubts about the I/Me, pampered, let the Government wipe your ass Socialist path we seem to be walking down…I still say that an Obama run government will not jeopardize the 2012 election by making such a difficult decision.

      Good argument, though.

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