So(to) what…

Apathy is not a personality trait I generally possess.  In this case, however, I admit that I am infested with it.

Sotomayor…blah blah blah…liberal…blah, blah…Yankees fan…blah – Oh, wait, score one point for Obama.  At least he picked someone with good taste  in baseball teams.

Other than that, it will be the same old partisan bickering.   The same old Senate hearings, the same old same old.  Everyone knew he would pick someone with liberal leanings, a woman, etc.  So why is the mainstream media acting so surprised?

Good Goddess, people!  Get a grip!  We have a screwy dictator with Napoleonic Complex running with scissors through the Far East and the only lead story you can come up with is OLD NEWS!?!?!  Is anyone else out there just a schoche uneasy about Kimmee-boy detonating nuclear bombs and launching missiles while most Americans are sound asleep?

Damnit, I could swear I had a couple of Klonopin floating around at the bottom of my purse somewhere…or maybe it was my black jeans…

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