Pit Bull Mouth

I have a Jack Russell Terrier.  I know, I know…condolences will be accepted in my “Leave a Comment” box.  He is basically a cool dog.  Not only is he a Jack Russell, he is deaf.  Which, doesn’t make a difference when you are talking about the Parson’s Jack Russell…they don’t listen anyway.

Jerk Russell Terrorist

Jerk Russell Terrorist

“How does this relate to politics?”, you ask.  Well, let’s pretend Kim Jong Il is a Jack Russell.  Small dog in a big dog’s world.  Desperately striving to be taller (note the pompadour and the platform shoes), desperately trying to be taken seriously (note the underground detonation of a nuclear bomb and the subsequent launching of two missiles).  If I were the President of the United States of America, I would make my response short, sweet and doggie-friendly…

Dear Mr. Il,

Don’t let your Pit Bull Mouth write checks your Jack Russell Terrier Ass can’t cash!


The United States Of America 😉

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