On This Memorial Day…NEVER FORGET!!!

9-11 terror I wonder if Nancy Pelosi can look at this photo and still say that “enhanced interrogation techniques” weren’t necessary…or effective.

I wonder if Barack Obama can look at this photo and insist that the bastards who had a hand in murdering nearly 3,000 American and International Citizens deserve to be tried under our laws, in our courtrooms.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I wonder if we can all take a moment to remember the victims of the 9/11 Terror Attacks, the First Responders, Police, Military and Firefighters who died trying to save them AND all of the brave men and women who laid the foundation with their blood to make us the strong, free Nation we are today.

To those we lost…I will NEVER FORGET.

2 thoughts on “On This Memorial Day…NEVER FORGET!!!

  1. You’re right up to a point. Because the moment thousands of innocent families were wiped out in Iraq, in a war based on a lie, America lost all it’s moral credibility. It created more terrorists than it stopped.

    • I see your point, and respectfully disagree. Unless you are talking about the thousands of families wiped out in Iraq by Saddam Hussein…

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