Bar Fight Therapy – Celebrity Edition

One of my favorite humor bloggers mentioned that an Obama/Putin match-up might be interesting.  Being that I am a storehouse for useless knowledge, flashes of “Celebrity Death Match” lit the cobweb-laden corners of my mind.

Setting the scene – a poorly lit biker bar somewhere in the Midwest.  Skynard, David Allen Coe and Toby Keith are the most popular selections on the juke box.  The roar of approaching American made motorcycles causes conversations to cease.  Bar patrons look toward the door in fearful anticipation.

The motorcycles come to a stop and the bar door is flung open allowing the light of the full moon entry.  Those inside the bar reach for whatever weapon may be handy…a bottle, a cue stick.

One brave patron stands in defiance of the wolf at the door…she wears a very chic Chanel suit, hair perfectly coiffed belying the fact that she just finished a hard ride from the Capitol on her Vespa.  She’s a California girl and does not shy from reasoned argument nor proof that she has screwed up yet again.  Taking a cue from their leader, 15 or so pasty men in business attire stand mute in support of her.

Her adversaries?  A mad band of experienced, opinionated Conservative politicians bent on extracting the truth at any cost, saving the American way of life and preserving the dignity of our Country.

“Gimme Three Steps” shatters the silence, the woman makes a move toward the door and it is GAME ON!!!

Now it is time to let your imagination roll.  My work here is done…

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