Bar Fight Therapy

Honestly, I really think I need to get into a good bar fight.  There is something so satisfying about wrapping your motorcycle helmet strap around your hand and wailing on some drunken idiot who is trying to clock your ol’ man from behind with a broken cue stick.  Ah…the good old days.

The endless rush of high fives once you’ve cleared the bar…the celebratory free beer…the black eyes…

Okay, okay, this might not be YOUR idea of a good time.  Sorry about your bad luck.  But a good bar fight can be extremely therapeutic.  It increases your adrenaline levels, elevates your mood, creates a sense of camaraderie and allows you to employ the creative story telling skills your English teacher told you would come in handy later on in life.

I am by no means promoting violence, nor am I saying this would solve the world’s problems.  I’m just expressing my need to vent the frustrations the current economy, lack of cohesive leadership and general political BS have created.

Now, if I could only afford to go to a bar…

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