And Now For Something Completely Different…

I have been away from the computer for a few days.  When you get to the point where your only solution to a computer related issue involves a sledgehammer and a bottle of Yukon Jack, you know it is time to walk away.

Issue resolved…thanks to the Dieties and a 14 year old computer genius.

Anyway, so much has happened in the land of Obamaniacs of late.

  1. The W.A.L.L.s (Whiney-Assed Leftist Liberals) have lost round one in the battle for “transparency”.  Obama put the kybosch on releasing interrogation photos and memoranda to the world…for now.  Do I really believe that he has FINALLY taken the reasoned opposition of people like former VP Dick Cheney to heart?  Is it possible that Obama is truly considering that he could potentially risk the lives of our service men and women who so valiantly protect us both home and abroad?  HELL NO!!!!  Anyone with a Kindergartener’s knowledge of our legal system is aware that the ACLU can and will appeal this decision.  Obama’s order will be overridden and the W.A.L.L.s will rise again!  Hmmmm…do ya think this might have been the goal all along?
  2. “Shuttin’ Detroit Down”, a song by John Rich…have you heard it?  Even if you are not a country music fan, his words will tear at your soul.  If they don’t, WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG IN THE FIRST PLACE?  duh…  At least a thousand American automobile dealerships will close today nationwide.  Jobless numbers came out.  6.56 million Americans are out of work as of today.  Not just UAW members, not just Michiganders (yes, that is what they are called…and, no, there are no Michi-geese) but people from all industries in all states.  Automobile production affects steel production which affects steel workers which affects grocery stores which affects farmers which affects farm equipment manufacturers which affects…well, you get my point.  Poop runs downhill.  In this case it is michi-gander poop (yes, I went there).
  3. Let’s call this paragraph “Out on a Technicality”.  The school voucher program is on the verge of extinction.  Many low income parents who dreamt of giving their children a better life have no alternative but to send their kids to substandard public schools.  The teacher’s unions got all snarky because children were attending private schools and being educated by non-union teachers.  OH, THE HORROR!!!  Of course, Obama caved and the unions won.  Gee, Barack, I thought the unions were single-handedly responsible for the downfall of the American Automobile Industry.  How can you defend a union that cares more about their pay than our kids and condemn one that has created millions of jobs, produced the safest automobiles in the world, and supported your party faithfully for decades?  Here’s the technicality…Obama’s kids (cute as they are) have attended private schools since day one…on YOUR dime.  He is a Government employee, paid by us…technically WE have paid to educate his girls.  So, how can he look a hard-working single parent in the eye and say their child doesn’t deserve the same government funded education his children have?
  4. Side note to former President Bill Clinton…judging from Monica’s dress, you could use some “target practice” as well 🙂
  5. Good News/Bad News – The good news is that Fox News viewership is up 75% from last year.  I interpret this as a sign that many Americans are tired of the “propaganda networks” and want to hear BOTH sides of a story.  Bad news – The New York Times just couldn’t resist showing a potentially embarrassing photo of a soldier in his boxers to the world.  I think the photo shows that our troops are so devoted to protecting us that WE, and not their pants, are their first priority.
  6. Is it 2012 yet?

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