The Easiest Way to Explain Our Current Political Climate? NASCAR!!!

90% of all NASCAR races take place on oval tracks.  At the beginning of each race, you have 43 experienced drivers vying for position with the ultimate goal of ending up in Victory Lane.  Each driver has a Crew Chief, Pit Crew, Garage Crew, Sponsors, Spotters, Public Relations people and Attorneys to support him, guide him and repair any “damage” created by either an accident on the track or an “accidental misstatement” made to the media.

The ultimate power is NASCAR itself.  They make the rules, inspect the vehicles, adjudicate disputes between drivers and keep track of the points during the racing season, eventually crowning a new Champion each year.

Okay, so how could this possibly have anything to do with our current political climate?  Here goes…

  • Crew Chief and Pit Crew = Campaign Manager and staff
  • Garage Crew = Damage repair
  • Sponsors = Contributors
  • Spotters = Campaign staffers responsible for warning the Candidate of possible trouble ahead, giving him a “heads up” when an opening occurs and guiding him safely to the Checkered Flag.
  • PR & Lawyers = well, PR & Lawyers!

NASCAR represents the American People who (according to the Constitution, anyway) have the absolute responsibility to see that the person elected to the highest office in the land plays by the rules.

See where this is going?

The one thing that makes this analogy applicable to the current state of politics is this:

If you keep turning LEFT, you will be okay…but if you turn right just once, you are destined to CRASH & BURN.

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