You, too, Can Own a Gibbs-bot Model 2009! Here’s How…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to let you in on a secret that will IMPROVE your standing in the community, gain you popularity with Moderate Democrats, Far-Left Liberals, The New York Times and, yes, Ms. Jeannine Garafalo.

Let me introduce you to the GIBBS-BOT MODEL 2009!  This revolutionary device, created in the campaign headquarters of none other than President Barack Obama, is capable of performing a million Public Relations tasks.

Watch as we insert Vice President Joe Biden’s foot into his mouth.  The AMAZING Gibbs-Bot Model 2009 quickly puts the entire nation to sleep as it strategically removes the offending appendage, leaving your reputation unscathed.

Here, I will demonstrate the Spending Bill Evasion Feature…Watch as the Gibbs-Bot Model 2009 automatically goes into the “Comments were Misconstrued” mode and restores your reputation to its original shine!!!!

Optional features include “Caterpillars ARE Torture”, “Uhm…Ah…Uh, Uhm” and the EVER POPULAR “The Bush Administration Left Us with  a Crisis Situation”!!!

Act quickly and we will ALSO include these UNBELIEVABLE deals at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  (Just pay shipping and handling, higher taxes and 2 pints of blood):

The Nancy Pelosi book – “How to Bankrupt the Country and Make the Citizens LIKE IT”

Joe Biden’s “Recipes for Tasty Feet”

AND THE AWARD WINNING “How to Win Dictators and Influence the Mindless” written by the Castro Brothers.

Call 1-800-UR-SCREWED or log on to and order your Gibbs-Bot Model 2009 TODAY.

Disclaimer:   We are NOT responsible for damage to floor coverings due to excessive perspiration.  Eye glasses may slip constantly causing the Gibbs-Bot Model 2009 to spontaneously go into “Uhm…Ah…Uh, Uhm” mode.   The Gibbs-Bot Model 2009 cannot call on members of Fox News.  It will automatically default to The New York Times and MSNBC.

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