Of All the Things I’ve Lost…

…I miss my mind the most.

Does anyone else feel like this?  I have two brain cells left.  They reside on opposite sides of my cranium and are seeking a divorce.  The worst part is that neither wants custody of my body.  Sheesh.

I did not watch the Obama presser, but I have watched excerps.  What an egotistical jerk!!!

A potential pandemic is NOT funny.  The citizens of this country holding Tea Party-style protests is NOT funny.  Strong-arming American automobile companies by arbitrarily firing executives and “encouraging” a merger with a foreign company is NOT funny.

Say what you want about “W” and his administration, but I do not recall a time when he was so disrespectful to any American as to negate their beliefs and/or concerns with flippant sarcasm.  Some may argue that he was not eloquent enough, or quick witted enough to be flippant.  Totally not the point.  He may have disagreed with many of his opponents, but he NEVER belittled them for their thoughts, ideals or concerns.

I have learned quite a bit about Obama in his first 100 days.  If you don’t agree with him, you are deemed small minded and incapable of individual thought.  If you believe in the Constitution, you are a redneck and worthy of scorn.  If you have serious doubts about your future and you express them candidly, you are met with sarcasm and ridicule.

1984 anyone?

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