What Exactly IS a Republican Pagan?

I have gotten this question countless times from people.  “How can you possibly call yourself a Republican?”

I can…and I do.

Where is it written that only Bible Belt conservatives are Republicans?   Who came up with that stereotype?

I believe in Goddess, Guns and limited government involvement in my life.  I believe you don’t have the right to drive,  it is a privelege.  Your rights as defined in the Constitution are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  No one has the right to use MY money to obtain happiness…earn your own.

I say the Pledge of Allegiance to my country, but it is none of your business what God or Goddess I refer to when I say the Pledge.  The Star Spangled Banner makes me cry every time.

I am pro-choice, pro same sex marriage and pro death penalty for those who harm our children.   I am naive enough to believe that our Justice system is the best in the world.

I am anti Affirmative Action.  I think it gives people an excuse not to try.

I also believe that YOU DON’T ALWAYS WIN!!!  I makes me sick that some schools are doing away with Valedictorians because it affects the self-esteem of the kid who took second place.  Again, why should anyone try harder and push themselves to their intellectual limits if they are not going to be recognized for it?  Is a future Joe DiMaggio or Ronald Reagan going to say “Screw it!” because it doesn’t pay to excel?  Who do you want operating on your child…the med student who tried their hardest, studied incessantly and aced every challenge laid before him/her or the kid who may have watched “House” once or twice?

I am VERY proud of our Military.  My views on the current state of affairs in the Middle East?  If we start validating the governments run by Dictators and Insane Narcissists, we weaken our standing as a powerful nation and leader of the free world.  Period.

Just because I cast a circle, wear a Pentacle and celebrate Beltane instead of Easter (and by the way, Jesus didn’t have a bunny) doesn’t mean I am not a Republican.

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