Levi’s “Johnston”

It is Sunday and I have just finished watching the most kick-ass NASCAR Race at Talladega.  Jumping off of the couch, screaming at the TV, holding my breath kind of kick-ass.

So, my mind naturally travelled to the section marked “Inner Redneck”.  I mean, where else do you go when you are on a stock car induced adrenaline high and you have a beer in your hand?

I began to get a little angry…then I got sorta pissed…and here we are!

Why would Larry King waste his talents interviewing the ex-fiancee of a former Vice Presidential candidate’s daughter?  (Hmm, the wheels are turnin’ NOW)  I care as much about Levi’s “Johnston” as I do the bowel habits of Paris Hilton’s dog.

Then it dawned on me…certain networks are so scared that Obama is going to screw up that they are making certain no one else has a chance in 2012.  I know, I know…I’m starting to sound like Mel Gibson’s character in “Conspiracy Theory”.  But, think about it for a minute.  Every time Sarah Palin farts we need to know.  Why?  I supported John McCain in the past election, but I don’t think Gov. Palin is strong enough to win the highest office in the land in 2012.  She has a lot of political growing up to do.

Why don’t they concentrate on the “Screw-Up in Chief” instead of the one that screwed the former Vice Presidential canditate’s daughter.  I think there might be some “good ones” we haven’t heard yet.

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