Dear Mr. Obama,

Dear Mr. Obama,

Are you having so much trouble running “damage control” for the credability you have lost during your first 100 days in office that you need to divert our attention YET AGAIN to the Bush Administration?

Please.  This is getting old.

Frankly, I am glad the CIA took whatever measures necessary to extract information that potentially saved THOUSANDS of Americans from the same fate as the victims of 9/11.  What you have done is akin to castrating the best bull in the herd.  It makes no sense.

What are we supposed to do to people who are determined to kill us?  TICKLE them into submission?  Give them a TIME OUT in your office?  Sanctions don’t work.  Kinder and gentler don’t work.

I have felt safe within the borders of my wonderful country for almost 50 years.  President Bush’s response to 9/11 terrorism made me proud of my country and my President.

I no longer feel safe.  I am still proud of my country.  Give me a reason to say that I am proud of you.

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